Rugged Resin

Take Your Onsite Additive Manufacturing to the Next Level with COR Alpha Resin

We help innovative engineers 3D print end-use components that they can trust, using the world’s most rugged photopolymer resins.

COR photopolymer resins are intended for use by trained additive manufacturing professionals working in industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities. At this time, we discourage printing with COR in home or office environments. COR photopolymers are not for children, nor for adults who act like children.

Is your team ready to print COR onsite? Please review the documentation before ordering resin.

COR for 405nm DLP & LCD Resin 3D Printers

Post-Print Processing

These products are used to clean and bake Cyclic Olefin Resins.

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polySpectra's Massless Products

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We help designers and engineers accelerate product development and decarbonize their manufacturing, at the same time.

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